Getting started

Add the following dependencies in build.gradle:

dependencies {
	// Spork core, including component injection
    compile 'io.github.sporklibrary:spork:3.2.0'
    // Spork for Android
    compile 'io.github.sporklibrary:spork-android:3.0.0@aar'
    // Optional: Spork Android support/compat library bindings (e.g. support Fragment injection)
    // It requires you to also add: appcompat-v7, support-v4, recyclerview-v7
	compile 'io.github.sporklibrary:spork-android-support:3.0.0@aar' 

All dependencies are available at Maven Central Repository.

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x:

  • Spork Android has changed its files from io.github.sporklibrary to
  • There are separate dependencies for the Android support/compat libraries as defined above.