Welcome to the Spork documentation website. The menu on the left will cover all main Spork projects.



  • spork: the annotation processing core
  • spork-android and spork-android-support: Android bindings similar to Butterknife
  • spork-inject: dependency injectino similar to Dagger


Spork contains several support projects which are not published on jcenter, but are available in the repository:

  • spork-android-example: an example project of how to use Spork on Android
  • spork-benchmark: Java benchmarks
  • spork-benchmark-android: Android application with Java benchmarks
  • spork-matchers: Hamcrest matchers for Spork tests
  • spork-proguard: Test application for ProGuard (will be migrated to spork-android-example in the future)

Migrating from 3.x

  • repository is moved to jCenter with snapshots at http://dl.bintray.com/bytewelder/maven-snapshot
  • base packages renamed from io.github.sporklibrary to spork
  • @BindComponent is now @Inject and injection is done with dependencies defined by an ObjectGraph and its modules.
  • @ComponentScope(Scope.SINGLETON) is now @Singleton
  • removed custom support for RecyclerView.ViewHolder as you can now make it implement ViewProvider
  • FieldBinder, MethodBinder and TypeBinder interfaces are changed